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 Application & Approval Process

Documents Required with the Application

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The application for certification has been updated.  New applications only will be accepted after April 16, 2019.

  1. Proof of certification by governmental entities
  2. Copies of certification denials, decertifications and appeal decisions
  3. Proof of racial/ethnic minority or female status for each owner claiming racial/ethnic minority or female status
  4. Proof of U.S. Citizenship or Lawfully Admitted Permanent Resident status for each owner claiming racial/ethnic minority or female status
  5. Documents indicating business entity status
  6. Resumes or Curriculum Vitae for each owner claiming female or racial/ethnic minority status
  7. Proof of contributions used to acquire ownership for each owner claiming female or racial/ethnic minority status
  8. Compensation Schedule to include: Annual salaries, owner draws, owner distributions, shareholder distributions and bonuses for all owners, controlling members, officers, managers and directors for the previous year
  9. Proof of any transfers of assets to/from your business and/or to/from any of its owners over the past 3 years
  10. List of all employees, job titles, and dates of employment
  11. List of all equipment (including office equipment) and vehicles owned, leased or otherwise made accessible to the business

Out-of-State Applicants Only
Out-of-state applicants must also provide contact information for the governmental certifying entity that conducted the onsite review in the state where the applicant’s principal place of business is located.

Onsite Visit
Upon filing the application, staff from the Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet (FAC) will evaluate the application and schedule an onsite review/visit (for Kentucky businesses) or a telephone interview (for out-of-state businesses). The purpose of the onsite visit is to review additional documents, tour the business office and other facilities and to confirm that the applicant satisfies all criteria, particularly ownership and control.  The applicant should be prepared to provide the necessary documents and to answer any and all questions that FAC personnel may have. 

Certification Committee
After the onsite visit is completed and all documents have been deemed to be in order the application will then be submitted for review to the Certification Committee of the FAC.  The Certification Committee shall review the application and the recommendation from the certification staff.  The committee will then certify, deny or defer the application.  When the committee defers an application, the applicant shall respond to the questions posed by the Certification Committee.

If the Certification Committee approves the application, your Business will be certified as a Minority or Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) by the FAC for three (3) years from the date of approval.  If the Certification Committee denies the application, you may appeal or reapply at a later date.​